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Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips that Saves Money in Dubai

Home maintenance and repair services go hand in hand, as every homeowner needs to maintain his/her house including appliances, and indoor and outdoor areas. AC maintenance Dubai is also in talks in the summer. The summer is always challenging in UAE, so air conditioners need to work fine. However, maintenance is a must before switching on.

People prefer to hire professionals to get the cleaning and maintenance done in the countries where the climate remains hot. In such challenging conditions, the air conditioners have to perform excellently to keep the environment pleasant. Living in the United Arab Emirates, what are your preferences while maintaining the appliances?

Of course, it is better to call the professionals who are experts in repairing and cleaning the machines and HVAC. They are a little costly, but there is no other solution except to hire experts to get the job done. Are you searching for cleaners? Let’s find out the easy tips to maintain air conditioners!

Visual Home AC Inspection

Air conditioning maintenance is a tricky process for households. Of course, it’s a child’s play for qualified and certified professionals. Subsequently, one should perform things under the supervision of technical specialists. It is the first job required to begin home AC maintenance. Get ready for the general inspection before the arrival of summer.

You are not a professional cleaner, so get the help of experts who are good at inspecting the home appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. As far as air conditioning maintenance is concerned, you need to check the electrical connections to whether the wiring is working fine or not. After you go through the wiring inspection, don’t forget to check the power supply. It has to be fine for AC maintenance.

Read Instructions of Manufacturers

Always read the instructions before cleaning the machine. Never take risks when repairing your machine. The best is to speak to professionals before you plan maintenance. Above all, you must read the instructions of the manufacturers. Open the booklet where cleaning and maintenance tips are already mentioned. With this, you can save your precious time at the time of servicing your appliance.

With this, you can follow DIY methods, but calling a professional will be a terrific idea. It not only saves your time but saves money as well. How does it save money? Many homeowners try DIY techniques and damage wiring and other parts. Of course, the AC unit is sensitive, so take great care while maintaining it. Looking at this problem, never take risk of maintaining your machine. First, read the manual or then call the technicians in Dubai.

Clean or Change the Air Filters

The most interesting part of air conditioner maintenance is cleaning or replacing the air filter. It is the first thing due on homeowners who look for air conditioner service. Replacement isn’t always a solution when you plan to service your cooling equipment. Of course, cleaning comes first rather than looking for filter replacement. To properly maintain the filter, you must wait for the right season.

Of course, you manage cleaning in summer, so always look for an appropriate time for cleaning. Before the end of winter or spring, you can plan your filter cleaning. More importantly, you can do it after two weeks to avoid dust and debris that gathers around the machine. Replacement isn’t the only solution you need every time.

Sometimes, cleaning can help maintain your machine and you enjoy the superb performance in challenging times. When do you feel necessary to clean the air filter? You clean it when the air filter gets dirty and debris covers it. Make sure, you remove the dust particles that improve the airflow and make your air cool and fresh. 

It is how you create an ideal room environment after cleaning the filters. It improves air throw and you never feel upset when spending quality time with your loved ones. In case, the air filter is damaged and stained, the only solution to plan an immediate replacement is to save the time and budget you are supposed to spend on the repair. These are the tricks that can help you fix the filter rather than its replacement.  

Clear Condensate Drain

Air conditioner maintenance doesn’t end with air filter replacement or its cleaning. One has to plan other tasks as well, whereas drains play a highly essential role in boosting the performance of your machine. First, check the condensate drain pipes before starting the service. Make sure, the pipes are clear and connect the indoor and outdoor points smoothly. 

There should be no blockage at all. However, in most cases, insects and cockroaches often block the drain pipes and cause blockage. No doubt, the blockage can stop the water supply and often results in leakage. Hence, a home owner or user should clear condensate drains to avoid this issue.

Clean the Outside AC Unit

If you have done clearing the pipes, the job isn’t done yet. Also, check your air conditioner outside the unit to improve its performance. With time, things become better if you are concerned about the performance. Air conditioner performance should always be your concern whether you are looking for regular maintenance or off-season.

The outdoor unit is so crucial for improving the performance of your machine, so remove the dirt and debris from your outdoor unit. Always make sure that you remove the tree bushes when interacting with the outdoor unit. For cleaning the outdoor unit, make sure you use low-pressure water, as high-pressure water can damage the wiring of your unit.

Check the Wiring

Whenever air conditioner maintenance is your concern, make sure you check the wiring before running your cooling appliance. Mostly, people use air conditioners in summer, so they don’t check the wiring and other components necessary for working air conditioners. Therefore, winter is the best time to keep a check on home wiring including air conditioners. Sometimes, the breaker doesn’t work or gets damaged due to overload.      

It’s a sensitive case, so always keep a check on the breaker and wiring connection to make a difference. Make sure, you replace the breaker or check the complete wiring to improve the performance of your machine. It is the internal connection of your air conditioner that you need for proper cooling. In case, the internal system is damaged, you don’t enjoy the cool air. Keep the wires in good condition and better is to call experts for the inspection.

Clean the Condenser Unit’s Fan

Last but not least is the condenser unit fan which one should not ignore while maintaining the appliance. The fan must work fine to speed up the performance of the condenser and compressor. How do you maintain a condenser fan? Of course, you check the blades before running your machine. The fan blades need to work fine, which is the key to maintaining the air conditioners in Dubai.


As expressed, air conditioner maintenance in Dubai is not a mammoth task. It takes easy steps to clean and maintain the air conditioner, even you can do this at home, but getting in touch with experts can solve many of your problems. It saves your cost and time, as you just hand over the technicalities to the experts to manage the repairing and maintenance. Moreover, the specialists follow different techniques, as they check your outdoor unit, and indoor unit, and replace the air filters and wiring if necessary.

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